1. Water Garden
    Water Garden
    Our most popular installation is the back yard water garden. It's both beautiful and multi-use. You can include plants, fish, water falls and specialty features in this pond.
  2. Swimming Pond
    Swimming Pond
    We love our recreation. Why not have your own lake and beach-front property. Do a little kayaking or how about some snorkeling? A fountain in the middle finishes it off nicely.
  3. Falls Basin Pond
    Falls Basin Pond
    Want to avoid a lot of extra care? A pondless feature will fit the bill. Enjoy the serenity of a relaxing water fall. Light it up at night for that special ambiance.
  1. Natural Pond
    You can't beat nature, time creates a masterpiece. We can provide lined ponds that mimic what nature does. Just a note: We don't revitalize "all natural ponds", only "man-made" ones.
  2. Mini Pond
    Mini Pond
    A touch of nature outside the patio door. These features can be as varied as the colors of a rainbow. Both simple in construction and stunning to look at.
  3. Koi Ponds
    If you've named your first born after you favorite Koi, you might be in this category. We have all the right filtration and components for this pond.