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  1. Pond Care
    Pond Care
    Our full line of products are designed for the backyard pond enthusiast. These all natural treatments are safe for your fish, pets and even your little ones... when used as directed.
  2. Fish Care
    Fish Care
    Everything you need to treat and feed your colorful finned friends. From simple goldfish to exotic Koi, we offer a full line of products to support a healthy aquatic environment.
  3. Diversified Waterscapes
    Diversified Waterscapes
    Designed for larger ponds, DWI has a great selection of aquatic treatment and lake management products.
  1. Great Lakes Bio Systems
    Great Lakes Bio Systems
    Experience the Orb-3 difference. When you use Orb-3 products, you are replacing harmful chemicals with natural solutions.
  2. ORB-3 Sludge pellets
    ORB-3 Sludge pellets
    A great product to remove sludge debris and buildup from the bottom of your pond.
  3. Microbe Lift
    Microbe Lift
    This all natural liquid bacteria promotes and enhances the beneficial microbes in your pond. Once established your pond will stay balanced and clear.
  1. Pumps
    Our complete line of external and submersible pumps will meet your application needs. Provide us your specs and we can determine the exact pump to give you the right flow.
  2. Pond Components
    Pond Components
    Skimmers and filters and liners, oh my... So many choices, it's great to know you can count on us to select the right pond components.
  3. Ask Andy
    Ask Andy
    If we cant figure it out, our mascot can. He's really smart and he loves the water. He'll turn over every shell to find an answer for you.